Free Rage or Range

I saw some of these Chickens as I turned off a seasonal road here in the County.  One of these chickens was Creepy.  He must have been high on seasoning or special herbs.  He had that look in his eyes that dared you to try anything.

Patrolling his Hood with Attitude

Looking Innocent

I've always said, chickens can't be trusted.  Even the conspiracy surrounding that joke of theirs "Why did the chicken cross the road".  No one knows what the real answer is and it stinks of rotten eggs. You know what I mean.

Have a great start to today and tomorrow with a smile on your face!


Well they certainly look like healthy looking chickens. I am surrounded by snow now so no green grass for my chickens. They don't even want to come out of the coup. Wishing you a wonderful week and a blessed Christmas.
Andy said…
I think it's love at first sight ♥.
Buttons said…
You have me laughing out loud this morning. This is true don't trust a chicken with beady little eyes. :) B
Muhammad Ashraf said…
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Stephen Hayes said…
That chicken doesn't look like it would go down without a fight.
Red said…
A handsome looking chicken. He may be trying to stare you down but there's a good chance he may become roadkill. He's not half a smart as he thinks he is.
Carole said…
Fabulous shots! That first one has attitude up the wazoo. lol
Areeba Khan said…
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Hilary said…
I know eggsactly what you mean. Fine shots. :)

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