A Day of Surprises

Today, I wandered out back on our property hoping I could track down an elusive sounding bird.  But discovered a pleasant surprise and a first sighting on our property... a Barred Owl.  I hope he likes the area and decides to settle in for a spell.




On a different note, one of my photos of a Hermit Thrush appears in The Quinte Bird Report a highly respected Naturalist's Newsletter by Terry Spraque. 

Strike a balance in all that do.  The odds are you'll be happier you did.


Hilary said…
What a beauty. I hope he sticks around too. I'd love to see more of him.

Congrats on your photo being published. That's so cool!
Kerri said…
What an awesome find! He's Gorgeous!
And Congrats on the publication!
A truly gorgeous creature, how wonderful to spot.. you captured him beautifully.
And congrats on being published.. and may I say well deserved.
Have a good weekend, my friend.
Andy said…
I haven't seen an owl in years.
Angie in T.O. said…
What a gorgeous surprise! And congrats on the photo print. :)
Crafty Gardener said…
Wow, what an amazing capture. I'm an avid reader of Terry's bird report and he is the person I turn to if I need an id of a bird.
Daniyal Memon said…
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Nancy Claeys said…
Beautiful. And congrats on being published!
Tammy said…
What an incredible find!!! And incredible photos; I hope he sticks around too, so we can see more photos:)
Stephen Hayes said…
How wonderful that your talent was recognized with this publication. Congratulations.
Wow, so beautiful! Hope he stays around for a while :) Congrats on the publication!

Visiting from weekly top shot :)

Robyn said…
Neat owl capture! Thank You for sharing your find.
Dimple said…
Congratulations on both your capture and being published!
Fantastic owl! I'm pretty sure there's an owl near our home. One of these days I'm going to go out looking for it. Awesome shot!
Jodiebodie said…
Beautiful details in your photographs, Dan. Not surprised that you are having photos published as they have such clarity. Congratulations on being published in the Naturalist's Newsletter.
Wonderful photos of a very handsome owl. I like the contrast in feather colours.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel how lucky for you incredible shots. I am still looking but my neighbour came across one the other day. Hope the bear bell does not scare it off if we meet:) B
Hilda R.B said…
Beautiful owl.
Great photos.
From Hilda
Michelle said…
Congrats on your photos being published! I hear owls on our farm, but have yet to photograph one.
Anonymous said…
He's gorgeous... you've captured him in such detail... I can't seem to 'shoot' birds well... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #61!
Stephanie said…
Wow, very cool shots! He's a beauty!
Jeanne said…
Totally beautiful shot of this gorgeous owl, and what a find! Hope to see more shots of this bird. He was defintely watching you
Tami Von Zalez said…
Isn't he a beauty?! Visiting from Best Posts of the Week.

Oh how beautiful he looks. I have only barely gotten a few photos of a very small owl. The big ones are here, they are just very elusive.

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