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Feathers and Snow

Winter light,  reflections, atmosphere, intrigue, peace and privilege are some of the feelings I  experience when viewing the birds... one and all.

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Hug a loved one with feeling and passion.

Northern Harrier

A beautiful Northern Harrier Hawk (The Grey Ghost) landed on our deck after nabbing a Mourning Dove today.  I didn't mind, there are plenty of  Mourning Doves.  The Harrier flew over to the edge of our forest with his late afternoon snack secured in his talons.

It took me a little while before I got the camera readied.  I had to grab a memory card, then remove the cameras battery from the charger, then modify the camera settings to something suitable for the weather and lighting.  Snow was falling with wind making it quite a challenge for me.  I had to fiddle with the settings a bit before I was able to start capturing images.  In other words, I wasn't prepared.

* Special thanks to Ann, Frank and Walter for providing their expertise in identifying this magnificent bird of prey.

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Think like a person of action,
Act like a person of thought.
- Unknown

One Step At a Time

When it comes to life the critical thing is whether  we take things for granted or take them with gratitude.  – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I Know How to Fly

Hope everyone had a special Christmas.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

As we drove through, we stopped a few times to take some shots from the road.  It is a beautiful area and worthy of being explored.  That said, there are so many beautifully places to see I'd need multiple life times just to scratch the surface.

I'm Happy Sugar Socks!  What's your Elf name?

Life with Molly

On our second day with Molly began quite early (6:00 AM) and it turned out to be quite a busy one too.  However, we did find a little time to snap a few shots with the added benefit of some sunlight on this chilly day.

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Thank you for indulging my new found interest.

To all who have joined me in this blogging journey or are visiting here for the first time, I want to wish each of you a Merry and Blessed Christmas filled with peace and joy.

Sunny Days and Clouds

Have yourself a wonderful today and relaxing tomorrow... and remember this powerful word: 'delegate'.

Healthy Environments and Surprises

The Eastern Gartersnake is highly variable in colour and patterning but tends to be dark green to black with three yellow stripes: one down the back and one on each side, on the second and third scale row. Some individuals have whitish chequered or speckled patterning along the back, and individuals (black back with no stripes) are very common in some regions (such as on Pelee Island).

The Eastern Gartersnake has a yellowish chin and belly. This species can grow to over a metre in length... however they're harmless to humans. Their presence suggests a healthy ecological environment.

If the news from the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has you in a funk, consider performing small deeds to help raise you spirits.

As a treat, I've included an interesting birding link to the Boreal Songbird Initiative.  It's a great site to explore!  Within the site there is a fantastic birding checklist you can download by clicking here.

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Stylistic Alteration

Before you begin your day, think of one thought about yourself that made you laugh. It can be about anything and from any time.  Doesn't that feel good?

Rainy Days of December

It can be challenging during these times when the skies are grey and the impact weather plays affects us, neighbours, family and friends near and far.  That's why it's important to find ways to brighten your day and face those challenges with a fresh outlook.

I think we have to look beyond the obvious.  We have to strive towards an outcome that is positive.

We have to incorporate a new way of looking at circumstances and situations.  We need to strive for something greater.  Reassess our ambitions and refocus our energies.

We must reach out and claim what we believe is right.

We need to see the bigger picture to understand fully the steps that need to be taken.

Share your concerns, listen to one another.  Talk with,notat one another.  Barriers can be moved, eliminated, replaced, re-positioned for the greater good.

Photography Joy

My mobility is far less than it once was and not without pain.  This limits my photo capturing efforts and to an extent enjoyment.  So I'm on a mission to find and try new ways to achieve photography joy.

To date, the majority of my photo's are captured from a seat.  The first is from my recliner positioned near the patio door.  The second is from a lawn chair that gets moved to different areas of the property.  The last is my car seat.

The photo's shown below were captured from a lawn chair on our deck.  Most of these birds are becoming accustomed to our presence and will occasionally land on us.

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Our World Tuesday
Thank you for dropping by, and remember to smile, nod, wave, say hello to someone or something.  You'll feel better for it.

Love + Scenes

On a recent day trip to visit Molly our new puppy. By the way, she comes home on Friday.  I suspect I'll be taking a lot of shots of her. We stopped here and there along the way and enjoyed the scenery.  So I'll post one of Molly and then the other shots.  I hope you enjoy them.

Hug your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you.