When I'm out taking photographs of things that have been around for a long time, I find myself reflecting on the past.  James Lumbar depicted many scenes in his art with a view from days gone by imagining moments of that period.  I'm also the proud owner of his piece titled "Memories of a Summer Day."

Have yourself a happy today and tomorrow!


Great captures of some great barns. I love the first image.
I find I look at barns differently these days.. I see them.
Stephen Hayes said…
I love what Laura says in her comment, that because of your pictures she now sees barns. I think this is what good art restores vision.
Buttons said…
Oh these images are beautiful Daniel. I have never driven by a barn they are art in themselves for sure and you have captured them perfectly.
I have always admired James Lumber's work another great Canadian artist.You are lucky to own a piece of his work.
We certainly have a lot of beautiful barns in our area. B
Tammy said…
All such gorgeous photos, Daniel! Your photos are full of such rich colors and beautiful scenery!!
Stephanie said…
These are gorgeous shots, especially the first one.
These rural shots are very striking. The compositions are wonderful, making me want to take a stroll. The rich, vivid colors are stunning as well. Great work!
Kaya said…
These are beautiful pictures of very interesting barns. Yes, it is yesterday but very special and very touching.

Amazing photographs!!!
Catherine said…
Well I am enjoying that beautiful blue sky and green grass in your images! Beats my snow anytime! :D
I look at barns differently too but boy yours are beautiful selected.

I dont see many barns out my way as charming as alott of bloggers show and yourself.

Lovely Photography!
I would add that I grew up with farm country and barns all around, but you and TexWis have made me see them with fresh eyes. Beautiful shots, and thanks for introducing me to James Lumbar. He is a fine artist, as are you.
Indrani Ghose said…
Interesting shots! The weather is good too.
Your photos are beautiful Daniel! I love the old barns and fences.
I am your newest follower.
Nice rural scenes today, Daniel- love the red barns, of course! I hope someone is going to restore the last two!
Jeanne said…
Lovely shots of these old barns! one of my favorite subjects, but not enough of them where i live!
Anonymous said…
#1 What a humongous barn, I'd love to explore inside that one! WoW!
#2 Love the perspective of this one! Nice
#3 Great bucolic scene, love the barn & that fence!
#4 Great red barn & sky... love the stone foundation.
#5 Explore... should be my middle name.
#6 Cool shot w/ the sun's light... love that fence

EG CameraGirl said…
I am feeling the urge to visit Prince Edward County to check out your lovely barns.
Stewart M said…
Splendid pictures. I often wonder what these rural areas will be like in 50 years - the barns and old building which are such an important part of the "landscape" will be gone and there may be nothing to replace them.

Thanks for the comment on my blog - I've been in Oman for a week hence slow reply!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia
I am addicted to many photographers when it comes to Barns, fences. lands.

And you are one Daniel.

I am getting my feet wet in the Enthusiasm of the senery and all myself in my blogs for weeks.
oh....i love all of them.Great shots,so beautiful scenes....
bravo Daniel!!!!!
kisses from Greece
Julie G. said…
Beautiful captures, Daniel! Exquisite lighting and colors. Stunning work!
Hilary said…
The colours are so rich and warm. I especially like the perspective on the second to last image.

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