Priceless works of art is what I see.  What do you see?

New weather-front moving through

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Have yourself a wonderful today and tomorrow.


I see God taking a brush and painting a beautiful sky for our good pleasure. :)
Renae said…
Daniel! hi!

those are magnificent photographs of the wisps of nature that so intrigue me. great work.

i brushed up on my Canadian geography and determined i was way way off. nice to know now where you are.
Stephen Hayes said…
I see beautiful textures and colors that would be a challenge to paint.
Beautiful sky shots! I especially like the second one.
Stephanie said…
Gorgeous sky in the second shot.
Carletta said…
I love them both but the blue in that last one is stunning!
Thanks for your visit! :)
Bob Bushell said…
Beautiful series Daniel. I actually prefer the last one, fantastic.
Angel wings.
I love cloud watching
You captured some real lovelies.
Calling by from Skywatch Friday, I never fail to be impressed by the skies Mother Nature sends us and your compositions are a beautiful example.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful shots - the cloud scape and colour in the last one is magical.
Irene said…
Thanks for visiting! And following you back, I found your nice blog!

Great shots ... Last one is my favorite. So colorful and gorgeous shapes!


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