Reef Fish

These images were captured in the Caribbean Sea and throughout the Bahama Islands.

Yellowtail Damselfish

Queen Angelfish

Hermit Crab with Conch Shell on his Back -- AKA Blue Eyes

Schoolmaster -- AKA  Curious George

Stoplight Parrotfish

Some interesting factoids about Parrotfish:

They Snack on Coral: Stoplight Parrotfish use their beaks to break of pieces of both dead and living coral, which they grind up in their mouths to release the algae living inside. Divers can be entertained for an entire dive watching these parrotfish take greedy bites from the reef. They are noisy eaters, and if divers pay attention, they can hear loud crunches and scraping noises as the parrotfish eat. Learn to recognize this sound, and it can alert you to unseen parrotfish in the area.

They Poop Sand: Stoplight Parrotfish digest rocky coral and release the ground-up limestone as sand. Divers frequently see parrotfish releasing long lines of digested sand, which drift and hang like curtains in the water before settling gently to the ocean floor. Stoplight Parrotfish are some of the greatest fish producers of sand on the reef, and it is very likely that divers will see this behavior wherever Stoplight Parrotfish are present. Large parrotfish can produce up to 1 ton of sand a year.

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Oh my goodness. Enjoyed the photos so much and the facts on Parrotfish was fascinating to me. Love your underwater stories. :)
Stephen Hayes said…
These fish remind me of some I saw in the Virgin Islands a few years ago. You've captured these fish beautifully. Such colors! Happy Thanksgiving, even though I think you celebrate it on a different day. Take care.
Beautiful shots although that 3rd one surprised me a bit- those buggly eyes!
Robyn said…
I have always been fascinated with aquariums. We went through the huge walk through aquarium at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo ... amazing.

Your shots are fun! Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful trip to the zoo.
Karen said…
Grand shots - all great, the parrot fish is my fave. A terrific blog, I am now a follower.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
A ton of sand a year..that's pretty impressive for it's size, must eat a lot, what goes in must come out haha! Impressive images here Daniel,the Hermit crab with Conch shell on back is a wee bit freaky!
bettyl said…
The things we learn about on the internet! I had no idea that any fish poop sand. Amazing! Your photos are very colorful and dramatic.
Pat said…
These are beautiful shots!
Madge Bloom said…
Wow, fantastic shots, the colors are fabulous! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #58!
Kerri said…
So colorful - love 'em all but that hermit crab captures my heart!!

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