Harry Smith Conservation Area

In a recent outing I discovered this mixed usage site.  It happened completely by accident, the entrance is tucked tightly between two properties and resembles someones driveway.  The sign however was key. Clicking here will open the PDF file with additional information on this Conservation Area.


Uphill climb

Favoured downhill trail

Have yourself a wonderful today and tomorrow.


eileeninmd said…
Beautiful colors and the pond is pretty. Looks like a great place to see some ducks. Lovely photos.
Beth said…
Lovely colors and scenery.
Crafty Gardener said…
It has been many years since I have been down there. About 26 years ago we lived not far from Ameliasburg.
Michelle said…
Beautiful scenery. I do like the cemetery shots.
great shots...all colors are wunderfull-)))
you make my day!!!

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