Happiness is...

How do you measure happiness?

For some it's equated to a singular thing, for others it's a wide range of things.  More and more folks have made major changes in their lifestyle for what they feel provides 'a better quality of life'.  One is not more important than another.  Each of us takes stock in our respective circumstances and the elements that line up on our lists of priorities.  We all share the basic needs for a sense of security, a roof over our heads, food on our plates and access to health services etc.

It is always a good idea to evaluate our circumstances and make the necessary adjustments to keep track of our needs versus our wants.   When they are properly managed, it is one less major stressor in your life and is typically the one most often ignored.

If you're stuck in the muck, there are plenty of resources available to get things back on track and under control.

Have yourself a wonderful today and tomorrow! :)

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Stephen Hayes said…
That cow is literally knee deep in it.
So true! Words of wisdom and great photos, love the clarity of the first.
Now there's a cutie.
And I like how you think!
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel I love your words they sure do ring true.
Love the barn it is wonderful. I feel sorry for the cow even though the shot is wonderful.
Great thought provoking post Daniel. B
Beth said…
I love the first photo and the words are perfect!
What wise words. And the cow stuck in the mud is a perfect visual! Love it. :)
Rose said…
Great photo of the cow and I Love the two for one barn shot...love the barns and love that sky!
Betsy Brock said…
Well, we could pretend that is a beautifying mud bath that guarantees lovely results and detoxifying benefits. lol. :)
Michelle said…
You have some wise words here today! I cannot imagine letting my cattle get into that muddy mess!
Sally in WA said…
Wow! That picture of the cow speaks so many words. Not to mention the wonderful barn. Nice find!
Jori said…
LOVE that cow! What an incredible farm photo!
Tricia Hays said…
Can't afford health services, but other than that, I can't complain... at least I'm not stuck in the mud! LoL!
Great barns... gotta love the stone foundations & those rusty roofs! =) oh & the fence too =)
the cow photo makes me laugh. what a busy looking farm.

finally getting around to commenting on this barn charm ... away for a anniversary trip. big hugs. (:

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