Going Nuts

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  For those of you who took part in the Black Friday shopping frenzy...  are you nuts?

Seriously, watching the news coverage where people camp out or line-up for hours to get inside a building that sells STUFF is beyond me.  Just saying.

Besides, most will be making their purchases on credit.  Good for retailers, bad for consumers.

Don't drink and drive or shop recklessly with plastic.  Both can be painful on so many different levels.

Have yourself a wonderful today and tomorrow!


Andy said…
I finally bought myself a squirrel proof bird feeder. Now I don't have to spend as much on bird seed.
Liz said…
Really nice shots, Daniel!! I love all the bird feeders you guys have over there!
Buttons said…
Love the shots Daniel and love your words of advice. B
Michelle said…
Such great close ups! No shopping for me! I really dislike it!
Nancy Claeys said…
I plan on drinking heavily, driving to the mall and charging everything on the credit card past the limit. Heck every card I have.

(Just kidding.) I'm at home blog hopping. Such a wild kid.

Lovely photos of your birdies
Stephen Hayes said…
No Black Friday shopping for me, and never any shopping on credit. Like the beautiful birds in your photos, I'm blessed to have everything I want or need. Truly blessed.
Stephanie said…
I don't do the Black Friday shopping. I have been tryi g to locate a bird feeder that only attracts birds and nothing else.nice shots!
DeniseinVA said…
These photos are so impressive Daniel, and I love these little birds. Not much of a shopper at the best of times and would never go out on Black Friday or any big sale day. I have a thing about crowds.
I braved the roads on Friday to return an artificial tree that was too big for the space, but I was able to make a quick exchange and get the heck out. It wasn't too bad. Love your bird shots as always!
Dianne said…
Beautiful clear captures Daniel of these feathered friends.

"Adelaide and Beyond"
geanina said…
very nice images! :)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
I know these bird feeders are designed to keep squirrels out, but it can't be all that easy for the birds either, I know they must be able to because they end up empty pretty quickly'
p.s. there's no way I'd go near a sale of any kind!
Crafty Gardener said…
I'm not nuts, stayed away from all places on Friday. I've done all my gift shopping, just need to get some fresh food closer to the day. Love your bird photos today.
Excellent pictures, Daniel. Especially the second one of the Woodpecker. I have one in my garden, but I never succeeded to catch him with my camera. You did. Well done. Compliments. Greetings, Joke
Hilary said…
Fine shots as always, Daniel.

Your post reminded me of something my cousin (in law)'s late father once said when I happened to encounter him in the mall, one day, a few decades back.

He was sitting on a bench while his wife was in one of the stores shopping. When I asked about her health, he said she was okay but that he's "letting her get all of her shopping out of her system today because later this afternoon, she is going to have plastic surgery."

I didn't want to pry as to the nature of the surgery so I just said "Oh, really?"

He replied with "Yeah, when we get home, I'm cutting up all her credit cards." ;)

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