Fresh Water Diving

Most of my diving has been in the warmer waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic.  Although I have done some diving locally in the cold water of Lake Ontario.  On this dive the water temperature was a chilly 43F or 6.1C.  The dive was in August and the air temperature was in the mid-80's.

I don't think I need to explain why I prefer diving in warm water... do I?

Diving on the Sligo Shipwreck in Lake Ontario

The lake bottom is muddy and the ship is encased with zebra mussels and sediment   Scuba diving on wrecks requires good buoyancy control and the ability to use the appropriate finning technique to avoid raising of the sediment which can reduce visibility to zero.

Seen in the photo above are 3 divers, one of which is maintaining an inverted position while examining the wheel.  Which diver am I?

A Shipwreck is considered an archaeological site and must not be disturbed by divers.  A lot can be learned from these historically significant shipwrecks.  They represent a time when goods were moved primarily by these vessels locally and from great distances.

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Stephen Hayes said…
I like the fact that these shipwrecks aren't allowed to be touched and are preserved for future generations to study and explore. The same should be true with the Titanic---leave it alone.
Tricia Hays said…
I'd love to, but I can't do it... just can't bring myself to go under the water... Probably a side effect of watching Jaws as a kid or something! LoL! =)
I can't imagine how exciting it must be to find a wrecked vessel like that. I can see why you'd have to be careful to not disturb the sediment, too. Are you the diver in the vertical position? One more question: does your scuba suit protect you from the cold water?
I love to swim under water best. Just the feeling of relaxation I have no idea. Now to do what you do.

I canot do that.

When I was at the Caribbean I went down to be looking at the beautiful fish. I was in mode of panic. I could not believe it was me.

One really has to learn to use the apparatuc.

Good for you. Yes warm water is nice instead of cold.

I have know idea which one is you.

None if your taking the pictures, ha, ha.

You tell us.

Daniel LaFrance said…
Answering your questions.

Yes, I'm the one who is inverted (upside down). Yes, I'm wearing a cold water wetsuit. It is thicker than warm water wetsuits. I'm wearing a hood for my head, gloves and booties. You still get cold, it is a question of tolerance. I started getting cool after twenty minutes or so and ended my dive after 45 minutes. There are drysuits which are much better for cold water diving, but they are more expensive. I did cold water diving for many of my courses. But knew early on that most of my pleasure dives would be in warm waters.
So cool! I would love for my son and his friends to get to scuba dive this summer. There is a place not too far from our home where you can take lessons. Maybe they can try snorkeling first : ). Awesome shot!
That looks like so much fun, Daniel. I love to swim but I think I would get claustrophobic under water.
Beth said…
A very interesting shot. Thanks Daniel!
Kara said…
I think diving is not for me. I would feel way to claustrophobic. But, I really love your picture!
Amazing photography ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^
Awesome, eerie photo! Love the beams of light. I've been diving at various salt water locations, but never fresh water (a lot more salt water opportunity here in CA!).
Ana Eug√©nio said…
how I understand your choice of warm waters. cold waters must feel like ice after a while. wow! swiming upside down must take skills. congrats on your passion :)
Beautiful. I have lived on the sea for more than 40 years, but never took the time for dive classes. However, I love reading and seeing pictures of other's dives.
Pat said…
What an awesome experience that must have been!
Madge Bloom said…
WOW, how exciting is that! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #57!
Hilary said…
Very cool pic. I'll bet it's difficult to remain upside down.
I imagine I would not be a very cool diver...I would probably instantly freak out & choke or something. Same thing for heights. I'm a feet on the ground kinda gal. :)
Nancy Claeys said…
How cool is this? Great shot -- I assume you are the diver behind the camera? Lol.
Rosemary Aubut said…
Awesome photos! Prefer warm water also to swim in anyway!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Fantastic shot Daniel, I was going to say it's a wee bit hard to tell which diver is you, but i just read comments above haha! I've always loved looking at dive photos, it must be the most fantastic feeling..just couldn't do it which is a shame! You might like to have a look at my friend Bill's site, he does a lot of diving off the WA coast his link is
eileeninmd said…
How cool, very exciting to see a shipwreck. Great shot and thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!
Gary said…
Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Maurizio Riccio said…
Diving in fresh water can be so spooky. And 43f? I froze to death in 77f water. WIth a wetsuit! Brrrrr. Great image, though. Thanks for sharing.
Susie of Arabia said…
This is a really fascinating post. I can't imagine diving in water that cold. Brrrr...

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