Colour my World

Some days can be bright and sunny, but there are days when it's grey and drab.  During the summer flowers can add  some pleasant colours.  Birds add a nice dab of colour when the flowers are gone and autumn leaves have fallen.

Still a bit of wind leftover from Sandy's outburst.

Hope your day had some colour (color).


Beth said…
A beautiful series of shots!!
DeniseinVA said…
Pretty birds and lovely photos, and great close-ups!
Stephen Hayes said…
I never thought of birds replacing the lost color of flowers in winter, but you make a fine and poetic point.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Beautiful little birds Daniel, so different from the Galahs and Corellas that feed in my garden.
Hilary said…
Lovely pics as always. I love that little tuft of blue jay feathers lifted by the wind.
Splendid shots! The blue jay's feathers blowing in the wind is really nice. And the seeds falling from the seed cake feeder made that one special, too. Glad Sandy is behind you now.

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