Brighter Buildings and Barns

A late afternoon drive in the County with bright sunlight. One side of the structure is much hotter than the rest.

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TexWisGirl said…
really like that green roof. but the little school house is too cute!
Sweet images of the countryside. If the trees weren't so bare in that first shot we wouldn't be able to see that bright green roof.
All beautiful barns! Love the warm colours!
Delightful images and the sky is so beautifully blue.
Great images! Nice to see some sun somewhere at least.
Tricia Hays said…
There's 2 different old abandoned schoolhouses east of here that look very similar to the 3rd image!
They're all great shots & I thank you muches for joining Barn Char =)
Leovi said…
Yes, some pictures with beautiful barns, I love the last.
Pat said…
Oh, I love the old school house. Nice barns too!
Crafty Gardener said…
The old school house looks like the one of Huffs Island. Great photos.
Wonderful photos! I like the last one...not a leaf left on a tree!
The barn is so pretty in the first photo. I wonder why they haven't painted the rest of it.
I really like the little school house too.
Stephen Hayes said…
Love the golden light. Rembrandtesque.
Stephanie said…
Lovely collection of old barns against the blue sky.
Elaine said…
All wonderful shots! The first one though really grabs me--just beautiful!!
Brian King said…
Beautiful photos of those old barns!

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