Birding can be?

The power of observation applies to most activities and none more so than birding.  Whether you spend you time scouting different locations, sitting in a local park, from a balcony, or your car seat.  They all offer an opportunity to observe our winged friends.  Whatever birds frequent your area or the unexpected visitor shows up, try to set aside a little time to enjoy the moment of seeing, hearing and observing how it interacts in its environment.  You can make mental notes, or take notes.

Birding can be fun and interesting too!  It can be whatever you want it to be.  Enjoy!

Yummy morsel of nut

White-breasted Nuthatch

Common Redpoll

American Goldfinch

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Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful birds, wonderful pictures. The Nuthatch is my favorite today.
Tabor said…
I count birds for the Cornell Feeder Watch program each winter and that has forced me to more observant of the diversity of similar species. I still have trouble with some of them! Very nice photos!
Exceptional shots! Perfect focus on the white breasted nuthatch with the nut in his mouth. This post reminds me that I need to fill up my feeders again. Maybe that's why I haven't seen many birds lately. :/
Hilary said…
That fist shot is amazing. It's fun once you start recognizing not only the species but the individuals who frequent the yard.
Kerri said…
Awesome captures! Your "nutty" is adorable!
Buttons said…
Oh these are beautiful I have a weak spot for the redpole. B
Stephen Hayes said…
In the first photo the bird holds food in its beak like a grain of rice in chopsticks.
Hi Dan!!!.. Thanks for your coment!!!.. Gorgeous photos!!!.. I love.. See you.. Greetings from Madrid.. ;-)))
missing moments said…
Great shots! I love watching them from my office window. So entertaining to watch their behavior. And very relaxing!

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