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Brian King said…
What fantastic old barns! The next to last one is gorgeous in the brilliant red!
Andy said…
A collection barns and each is unique in it's own way.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel this is so exciting I love every single shot. Barns are the most beautiful story holding landmark you could share. Awesome shots. B
enjoy the vibrant colors. so cool!! the green one is my favorite. we don't see green barns that often around here.

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Tanya said…
oh each of these are just super!
Oh my, all beautiful takes.
Have you ever wondered as I have.

How many different shapes of barns

in the world

do you think it is possible.

Your doing pretty good finding.

Rose said…
I am glad I don't have to vote on a favorite...all are wonderful. I really like the green one simply because we don't see many painted green around here.
Anonymous said…
Daniel, you have some of the best looking barn pics! They're always beautiful & oh so colorful!

Thanks so much for joining =)
These are all great barns! But I do have 2 favorites...the one with the green rusty roof and the last one. Love the colors in that photo.
Stephen Hayes said…
Great pictures. Have you ever been to an Amish barn raising? I'd love to see that.
An interesting collection of barns. Love them all!
These are so awesome! The blue and green one really stands out for me. Such an unusual color scheme for a farm, but I love it. So many pretty ones here.
TexWisGirl said…
i love the ones against the deep blue sky!
Stephanie said…
A nice treasure trove of barn shots. Love these!
beautiful pictures...with stron nice colors!!!!!!
my respekt-)))
Carletta said…
Those reds against those lovely blue skies are perfect compliments.
I even like the touch of red popping in the barn under that ominous sky in the last one.
A lovely series of barn shots!
Sally in WA said…
Some of those barns are in terrific shape. The bright colors really make them stand out.
Tabor said…
Wow! Guess that is all I have to really write.
Les Fous du Cap said…
Your farms are very beautiful ;-)
CĂ©line & Philippe
What an amazing collections of barns, you must have a lot around your area.

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