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Short on Sunlight

I'm not a fan of the short days of light.  If I could control when the sun would set I'd compromise with Mother Nature and suggest between 7:30 and 8:30 PM.

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Waters Edge

The last days of November and there is a definite chill in the air.  Nevertheless, a little time at the waters edge is so relaxing.

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Birding can be?

The power of observation applies to most activities and none more so than birding.  Whether you spend you time scouting different locations, sitting in a local park, from a balcony, or your car seat.  They all offer an opportunity to observe our winged friends.  Whatever birds frequent your area or the unexpected visitor shows up, try to set aside a little time to enjoy the moment of seeing, hearing and observing how it interacts in its environment.  You can make mental notes, or take notes.

Birding can be fun and interesting too!  It can be whatever you want it to be.  Enjoy!

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Agricultural Wonders

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Addition to the Family

By the end of December or so, we will have a new family member.  A tiny and cute little puppy will be joining Linda and I real soon.

Here are two photos of our little treasure. She was born on November 7, 2012.

Doesn't she look a little like me? lol

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A Walk this Way Moment

An 8-point beauty!
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Going Nuts

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  For those of you who took part in the Black Friday shopping frenzy...  are you nuts?

Seriously, watching the news coverage where people camp out or line-up for hours to get inside a building that sells STUFF is beyond me.  Just saying.

Besides, most will be making their purchases on credit.  Good for retailers, bad for consumers.

Don't drink and drive or shop recklessly with plastic.  Both can be painful on so many different levels.

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The chickadee like many northern birds spend much of their time feeding and hoarding food from sun-up to sun-down.  To learn more about the Black-capped Chickadee, please visit Hinterland Who's Who.

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Reef Fish

These images were captured in the Caribbean Sea and throughout the Bahama Islands.

Some interesting factoids about Parrotfish:

They Snack on Coral: Stoplight Parrotfish use their beaks to break of pieces of both dead and living coral, which they grind up in their mouths to release the algae living inside. Divers can be entertained for an entire dive watching these parrotfish take greedy bites from the reef. They are noisy eaters, and if divers pay attention, they can hear loud crunches and scraping noises as the parrotfish eat. Learn to recognize this sound, and it can alert you to unseen parrotfish in the area.

They Poop Sand: Stoplight Parrotfish digest rocky coral and release the ground-up limestone as sand. Divers frequently see parrotfish releasing long lines of digested sand, which drift and hang like curtains in the water before settling gently to the ocean floor. Stoplight Parrotfish are some of the greatest fish producers of sand on the reef, and it is very likely that divers …

Winter Coat Wanderer

Another pleasant surprise is capturing images of the secretive Coyote(s) that venture onto our property.   You can hear them howl some evenings.  I often wonder what is being said and conveyed.  You can see the density of their winter coats makes them appear slightly larger.

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Naturally of Course

When diving any area, ensure you have a basic understanding of the location and what you can expect to see.  Then plan your dive accordingly and dive your plan.

Terms such as Shark Infested Waters and the like are meant to instill fear.  Having a healthy respect for sharks is important but you should make a point of knowing something about the different sharks you may encounter while diving. Knowledge is power.

These pics are from my grab bag.  I'm nursing my already bad back for which I underwent mega spinal surgery 11 years ago.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't experience any doubts the first time I got in the water with sharks.  The stories, movies, and sound tracks all moved centre stage in my mind.  However, after a short period time in their presence and the pre-dive briefing and dive plan kicked in.  Soon I began to enjoy and appreciate their graceful movement, curiosity and of course, their power.   Like lions, this apex predator typically picks the easiest prey.  T…

Lights, Camera, Action

Our Trail Cam unit operates on batteries and needs regular recharging (more often during the colder months).  It is during these periods that I download the files. Most of the time we have it setup to capture stills. On occasion we try capturing some video. As you will see in this post we have some short video clips we hope you'll enjoy.

I've put out a deer lick for the deer that contains the minerals they require to be healthy.  I also put out apples, barley and corn to supplement their diets once a week.  The intention is to keep our 12 acre property critter and bird safe.

Because video file sizes can be quite large, I've limited the video clips to twenty second lengths.  I may try thirty second clips next time and then decide what format provides the best outcome.

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Fresh Water Diving

Most of my diving has been in the warmer waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic.  Although I have done some diving locally in the cold water of Lake Ontario.  On this dive the water temperature was a chilly 43F or 6.1C.  The dive was in August and the air temperature was in the mid-80's.

I don't think I need to explain why I prefer diving in warm water... do I?

The lake bottom is muddy and the ship is encased with zebra mussels and sediment   Scuba diving on wrecks requires good buoyancy control and the ability to use the appropriate finning technique to avoid raising of the sediment which can reduce visibility to zero.

Seen in the photo above are 3 divers, one of which is maintaining an inverted position while examining the wheel.  Which diver am I?

A Shipwreck is considered an archaeological site and must not be disturbed by divers.  A lot can be learned from these historically significant shipwrecks.  They represent a time when goods were moved primarily by these vessels …


Priceless works of art is what I see.  What do you see?

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Afternoon Road Trip

To save on gas I trekked out to Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory for cheaper gas.  Filled the car and three Jerry Cans for a total of $104.91 ($1.08 per litre).  Then I roamed the area and snapped a bunch of photos as I often do.

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Harry Smith Conservation Area

In a recent outing I discovered this mixed usage site.  It happened completely by accident, the entrance is tucked tightly between two properties and resembles someones driveway.  The sign however was key. Clicking here will open the PDF file with additional information on this Conservation Area.

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