Water is beautiful, wet, clean (?), consumable, sustainable (?), recreational, commercial, industrial requirement and necessary for life.  This would be Freshwater.

We need to think of water as as a commodity in short supply.  It doesn't matter if you're on a municipal system or draw your water from a well.  It all comes from your local watershed.  Conservation practices, do you follow any?  Does your local community practice water conservation?

Have you ever been a position where water was not available?  How long did you go without?  Was it hours, days, weeks?  How much of  an inconvenience was it for you?  How would you cope if water isn't available for 90 days for everyone?



Yes, I did get wet taking these shots.  I love water for so many reasons, but we often take it for granted.  Please make a concerted effort to protect this precious life-sustaining resource.  Spread the word and educate others.



Stephen Hayes said…
I once saw a photograph of the Earth from space and below it was the caption: All the water we're ever going to get is already here. It really made me think about conserving water.
Linda said…
Gorgeous photos of water...we have had occasional dry spells here, but my Mom lives in an area that has had all their lakes dry up almost completely because of a lack of rain for the last 5 years...the shortage has caused many problems. I do try to be thoughtful about water use, but I am sure I could do more. Thanks for this thought-provoking post today.
Danielle said…
Every couple of years we get a hurricane that has us using bottled water because the water supply has been tainted...never longer than a week though...and when there was the oil spill....our beaches were a mess and we were 'banned' from going out there. Very nice post here with your great photos.
Sharon M said…
Wonderful photos. I love the black and white. Great post too.
Debbie said…
a great message!! we have done without water for luxeries (watering the lawn, washing the car) everyone complained, many did not follow the rules.

i really enjoyed the video!!
Beth said…
I have never had to do without drinking water except for prep for a hospital test.
Great thoughts and great photos Daniel.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful, Daniel, and I loved the video!
Wonderful photography.

Do enjoy.

If you get time. I am just a below amature but my heart is there.In what I take.

Pleae have a look at my pages.

Carol Ann

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