Uncle Buck and Friends

In our back 40, you just never know who'll drop by for a visit or when.  Either way, they are welcomed and given the royal treatment with assorted goodies.

Uncle Buck is busy investigating my scent on the Trail Cam.

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Sharon M said…
I definitely need to get one of these cameras. I know there's a party going on at night in my yard.
Buttons said…
COOL I need to get one of those cameras there seems to be a lot of activity behind the house and barn lately. Coyotes were having a big party. B
Humberto Dib said…
Just stopping by to say hello, great blog.
Your lucky my man you dont have

the big black bears come in your yard.

You would be less generous to feed them.

They come in our yard but we cannot encourage them the food.

They are Big Foot.

You cannot wrestle with them.

We cannot shoot bears only in bear season like two weeks here in my area.

Of course they dont drop in at Hunting season. They come to hide, ha,ha.

Nice shots of your creatures of habit.

Debbie said…
very cool!! i have always loved uncle buck ;))))
Lisa Gordon said…
We have one of these cameras, and we love it!!
Not too much deer activity this year, but last year we had a mom and twins. It was wonderful.

LOVE Uncle Buck!
Betsy Brock said…
Isn't Uncle Buck a handsome fella!
Michelle said…
We have Uncle Buck's cousin here at the farmette. He shows up on our trail cam and remains elusive for our young son, the hunter!
Anonymous said…
Very, VERY cool! Love those rascally raccoons! Thank you so much for sharing on 'Weekly Top Shot #52,' my meme's first anniversary!

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