Thanksgiving Birds

With a definite nip in the air and doing some outdoor chores, I set out on our property to capture some images yesterday on Canada's, Thanksgiving Day.









Sharon M said…
Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving
Kerri said…
These are wonderful!!! LOVE the "action" of the chickadee :)
Business Cents said…
You have beautiful neighbours Dan, but, with the title, I would not have been surprised to see something just out of the oven. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!
Wonderful photos of the birds! I love the little woodpecker and the action shot of the chickadee.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Buttons said…
Beautiful I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. B
Beth said…
Beautiful shots. I hope the turkey dinner was good! I am waiting till November for my turkey dinner!
Stephen Hayes said…
As always, your photographs are a treat, and a reminder that I need to spend more time outside.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are truly superb, Daniel.
I especially love the second one. what a sweet shot that is.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Betsy Brock said…
And you succeeded very well! What beauties! And they look thankful for their food as well! ha.
Michelle said…
What a nice set of pics. I love the second one with those wings!
Gillian Olson said…
You have some beautiful birds gathering around your feeder, great pictures too.
Debbie said…
WoW, you got some amazing shots!!
Rebecca said…
These photos are pretty amazing!
The 2nd and 3rd shots were special favourites, but I
loved each one of your beautiful birds :)
Liz said…
Wonderful bird shots, Daniel! A really lovely collection.

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