The newest bird we've seen here at D'Swamp:

Red-bellied Woodpecker is busy investigating new surroundings.

Eyes on the prize!


TexWisGirl said…
i love these guys. we keep 'em here (and in seed) all year.
I like your bird feeder also the way you have it close to the tree. For red top Notch Bird.

Betsy Brock said…
How fun..he's a handsome fella!
I had a hairy woodpecker in my yard this week!
First come, first served. Beautiful captures of the birds.
Tammy said…
Great capture Daniel! These little woodies are such vibrant red heads! They are the most abundant woodpecker to my yard!
Stephen Hayes said…
Beautiful bird, but where's the red belly? Looks more red crested.
Daniel LaFrance said…
Good question Stephen!

Here's what I've found.

You would think it should be clearly evident... but it isn't.


Red-bellied Woodpecker
Adult female

Red nape, reddish around base of bill

Black and white barred back

Gray face, crown, and underparts

Red belly usually concealed by surrounding gray feathers
Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful bird, I like the bluebird too.
Andy said…
If I see one of theses birds in Pickering it would make my day. It's rare find here.
Nice looking fella- don't ever see any around here.
Buttons said…
Oh I have never seen one of them it is so beautiful Daniel Thank you. B
Linda said…
Hi Daniel...Thanks for visiting...
You sure are talented with the bird photos...Very nice...
I always consider myself lucky, when I get a good close-up..

Linda :o)
Sharon M said…
They are beautiful birds. I am lucky enough to see them often in my yard.
Love the red-bellied woodpecker! You captured him wonderfully. And a bonus blue jay. :)
What a beautiful bird! And I really love the second picture - kind of wondering how that played out.
Indrani Ghose said…
Wow! Two colorful birds in the same shot.
Jane's Gardens said…
On Christmas Day, for the very first time, I also saw a red-breasted woodpecker in our property near Lake Ontario in the Newcastle area. It was the first one that i'd seen except for photos.
My photos didn't compare to the beautiful captures that you show on your blog. Great pictures!

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