Moment in Time

Moment in Time
Savoured and Feared
Silence and Stillness
Savoured and Feared
Lifetime of Memories
Savoured and Feared
Birth to Death
Savoured and Feared
Light into Darkness
Savoured and Feared
Understanding from Ignorance
Savoured and Feared
Mystery to Enlightenment
Savoured and Feared
Endured and Embraced 


Roban said…
Lovely poem and the photographs are breathtaking.
Stephen Hayes said…
Savoured and feared. I guess all human experiences fall between these two concepts. Interesting to see you work in back and white.
ADRIAN said…
Wonderful B&W. It really suits these images.
Anonymous said…
Lovely black and white shots! Very peaceful scenes.

Buttons said…
Oh Daniel you truly made me cry this is so beautiful. Thank you. B
Julie G. said…
Exquisite black and white images, Daniel! Fabulous detail. Beautiful post!
Katie said…
Beautiful and serene images, Daniel.
Lisa Gordon said…
Such beautiful words for this beautiful sereis of images, Daniel. They are so perfect in black and white.
EG CameraGirl said…
Lovely words which go with the photos beautifully.
Gillian Olson said…
beautifully photographed and expressed.
Anonymous said…
Wow - three fabulously beautiful shots!
Stewart M said…
Great pictures - one of my plans for this summer is some black and white landscape stuff.

These pictures are a good reminder of why the plan is a good idea!

Stewart M - Australia
Molly said…
These are stunning... turning them black and white has made them very moody and dark.

Bob Bushell said…
Wowee, I love the second one, splattering against time. Absolutely brilliant.
Maurizio Riccio said…
Very evocative images. Thanks for sharing.
Gary said…
Great shots of the Lake!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
What a beautiful series and words to go along. I just love the top 2 photos.

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