County Charms

Found this beauty on County Road 1, here in Prince Edward County.


Linking to:  Barn Charm where everyone knows country life is full of charm and friendly folk.


Do these images exude any Autumn and Thanksgiving charm and charisma?


Terri Buster said…
Both are great shots, but that first one is fantastic!
ADRIAN said…
This is a wonderful barn and beautifully shot.
Very charming, indeed. Love that first shot especially.
Beth said…
These are wonderful Daniel!
Nice ones, Daniel! Love the pre-rectangular shape to the bales of hay (like the ones we saw as kids in rural Quebec), the barnyard animals, the open hayloft, and the warn colours.
I agree - the top shot is the best of 2 good shots. Hay, horses and open loft door add so much to the photo.
Jori said…
Wow! Absolutely stunning! Love the haystacks!!!
Jori said…
One more thing, the red in the bushes in front of the red barn is absolutely beautiful!
Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful pictures, the first one is my favorite. Have a great day!
TexWisGirl said…
loving the corn shocks in the first photo.
Love the first one with the corn shocks and the horses! The second one is great too with the red barn and the colored bushes in the front.
Stephen Hayes said…
I think fall is best experienced in the country. What wonderful images.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, I'm lovin the corn shocks in the 1st pic... not to mention the barn itself & the horses, very beautiful capture! Both wonderfully beautiful!

Thank you for that line, too, that's a great line for Barn Charm =)
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful barn this is, Daniel.
I love the stacks of hay in front of it.
Wonderfully photographed.
Beth Edwards said…
oh, i can't pick a fav.. they are both so great. i love the fall colors. so love this time of the year. (:
Linda said…
Beautiful barns! I love that 2nd one - the whole setting!
I love Barns. I like the first one as it has a unusual shape room and of course I like the farm look surrounding, horses, haystacks. My sister and hubby owned a farm.

Love your shots Daniel.

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