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A little bit of a departure from the regular fare, then again you should be use to my unpredictable nature... right? Ha! Not really, but here goes!

My beautiful and talented cousin Jennifer has released her first children's book.  So (here comes the plug) buy the book!  A wonderful and affordable gift for that special someone. :-)

A wonderful new book has hit the market and it's the first in a series of illustrated children's books for 
ages 6-14.  Although adults who have been known to rediscover their inner child will like it too!

Jim is a calm, patient biologist and Jen is a humorous city slicker eager to learn.  Join them both on this hilarious adventure of elephant rides and mongoose meetings, snake scares and baboon bashes, with special times shared with a local tribe. 

Though the story is fictional, the facts about the animals and geography are real.  

The ISBN number is : 978-1-4525-5314-6(sc) 978-1-4525-5313-9(e)

The book is available online at:
Chapters & Indigo 
Barnes & Noble
Balboa Press


Sharon M said…
Wow, that's great! Congratulations to your cousin!
Buttons said…
Congratulations Jennifer. I love the Illustration. B
TexWisGirl said…
congratulations to her! that's awesome! i hope the sales go well.
Beth said…
Congratulations to your cousin. I hope the book is a huge seller.
Julie G. said…
So very exciting! Congratulations to your cousin. Looks like a fun book!
Terri Buster said…
Congratulations to your cousin- that's quite an accomplishment!
Betsy Brock said…
Oh, congratulations to her! What a wonderful accomplishment!
Stephen Hayes said…
What a talented family you guys are.

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