Blue Spots

It is both odd and interesting what you can discover when you least expect it. That was the situation I found myself in recently. As I was shovelling Hillier Clay Loam (soil is thin and composed mostly of a mix of limestone and shale gravel = back-breaking work)  my eye caught the movement of some strange looking creature.

Picking it up I thought to myself, this must be a Salamander or something closely related to it. After a little research, I was able to confirm it being a Blue-spotted Salamander.

Please note that the video and photo's are courtesy of my better-half, Linda Quinn.

I can't help but wonder what other surprises lay ahead. 


TexWisGirl said…
he's adorable! thanks to linda!
Julie G. said…
Great find! What a sweet looking little creature! It certainly lives up to its name. Just yesterday my husband found a small salamander nestled between some house building refuse. He carefully rescued it and placed it in the forest.
Nicely seen. It looks like maybe it's lost the tip of its tail, which looks blunt instead of pointy.
Stephen Hayes said…
Poor guy. I wonder what happened to its tail.
Buttons said…
Oh I love salamanders we used to find a lot of when building fence in the bush. I have not seen one in years. Awesome and not knowing what surprises lie ahead is the best part. B

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