Blue Planet - Vol I

This photo-video is a compilation of underwater photographs taken throughout the Caribbean and include the Bahama chain of Islands.   I've posted this photo montage in the past and thought it was time to re-post it for those that have not yet seen it or wish to see it once again on this blog.

I no longer take underwater photographs and I've since sold all my underwater photography gear. 

I hope you enjoy the beauty of our oceans.  It is vital to protect the water and its inhabitants from pollution and overfishing.  These resources are severely threatened and under extreme stress today.  Many countries abuse these resources on a daily basis within their borders and in international waters.

Photo of myself on a shipwreck, courtesy of Warren Lo

If you have any questions about underwater photography, I'll do my best to answer them.  If you happen to have questions regarding scuba diving, I can answer those too.

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Tricia Hays said…
Very nice & relaxing music, too!
Stephen Hayes said…
I remember this video from the last time you posted it, but what a pleasure to see it again.
Gary said…
Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada,.
A great photo of you, and the sea, fantastic. It looks like the water is clear, beautiful music.
Roban said…
Your underwater photographs are breathtaking. The detail and clarity make them absolutely beautiful.
Michelle said…
Thank you for sharing this again, as I had not seen it previously. BEAUTIFUL photographs! I cannot imagine taking photos underwater.
Wonderful video and so important for all of us to be concerned about the conditions of our oceans and earth ~ all are treasures to be treated with great respect ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Fantastic Photography on your blog ^_^
Leovi said…
Very nice, beautiful photos, congratulations.
Velva said…
Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Enjoyed the video compilation very much! I'd love to learn to scuba dive, but it seems rather complicated. I think I'll stick to snorkeling. :)
a wunderfull music,and a great photo!!!!!I love water and all fishes who lives there
(sorry about my english,not so good-) )\
and thank you very very mutch for your nice comment.Maby you winn your portrait-)))
have a nice day
Linda said…
I am in awe of ones brave enough to go underwater - and take photographs too! Just gorgeous...
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel this is fascinating you must miss it. B
What a wonderful series, Daniel. I enjoyed it very much. Too bad that you don't take underwater photographs anymore. It must have been a great experience. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope we will meet again on our blogs. Greetings, Joke
Emille said…
Awesome captures of the underwater world. I know from a friend that the underwater gear is pretty heavy -is that the reason why you stopped?
Hope you also have a video of the shipwreck expedition!
Molly said…
These are truly amazing... what a fabulous experience

eileeninmd said…
What fun, cool photos! Thanks for sharing.
Surreal is the only word I can think of to describe what it must feel like to be underwater and see what you have seen.
ZielonaMila said…
Wonderful photographs. I am greeting
Indrani Ghose said…
Lovely collection of shots in the video.
Jeanne said…
Great photos! I love underwater photography! And how amazing all of the things that you see in the ocean. Taking my grandson to the Bahamas in march and absolutely cannot wait to take him snorkeling! He will be so amazed.

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