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Have a H(͡๏̯͡๏)T'ing Time

We have of a wet and air dried look from these three moo-vers and shakers.  We moo-ved or secured anything that might have taken flight and so far we're doing fine.

These leaves are without a doubt, super strong.  They withstood all the huffing and puffing Sandy could muster.
Big shoutout to all the Charming Barns out there.

Blue Planet - Vol I

This photo-video is a compilation of underwater photographs taken throughout the Caribbean and include the Bahama chain of Islands.   I've posted this photo montage in the past and thought it was time to re-post it for those that have not yet seen it or wish to see it once again on this blog.

I no longer take underwater photographs and I've since sold all my underwater photography gear. 
I hope you enjoy the beauty of our oceans.  It is vital to protect the water and its inhabitants from pollution and overfishing.  These resources are severely threatened and under extreme stress today.  Many countries abuse these resources on a daily basis within their borders and in international waters.

If you have any questions about underwater photography, I'll do my best to answer them.  If you happen to have questions regarding scuba diving, I can answer those too.

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The newest bird we've seen here at D'Swamp:

More information about the Red-bellied Woodpecker can be seen here.

Good/Great vs. Bad/Poor

What do photographers hope to achieve when they photograph a bird or birds?

What results qualify a photo as being poor in quality?What results qualify a photo as being good photo?

Thanks for playing!
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Golden Moments

Another short window of time to venture out and explore, see and imagine. :)

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Vulture, Island and Autumn

With a short 3 hour window and no particular destination in mind, I drove down this one road to see if there were any Hawks hanging about... nope, not a one.  At the end of this very road, I parked the car and walked in through some bush to the shoreline. There is always a nice breeze coming off Lake Ontario.  From this vantage point you can see Nicholson Island in the distance.

As some of you may recall, Prince Edward County is an island but shouldn't be mistaken for Prince Edward Island which is on the East Coast of Canada.  The County sits on limestone and it is everywhere. At the shoreline you can clearly see the layers.

Autumn colours are still prevalent throughout the County and this section of shoreline was no exception.

All in all a great day.

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Dazed and Confused

These two Pine Siskins fully recovered after they flew into a window.  TLC did the trick.

Linda was the photographer this day. I think she captured these beauties beautifully.

It's truly humbling to hold and watch them rebound after a period of being 'dazed and confused'.

Underwater Photography... the beginning

I was rummaging through my digital collection of images and found these.  They represent some of the images I took when I first started with underwater photography.  At the time, I was using an Olympus C5050 point and shoot camera in an underwater housing.

Moment in Time

Moment in Time Savoured and Feared Silence and Stillness Savoured and Feared Lifetime of Memories Savoured and Feared Birth to Death Savoured and Feared Light into Darkness Savoured and Feared Understanding from Ignorance Savoured and Feared Mystery to Enlightenment Savoured and Feared Endured and Embraced 


Roughly 13 months ago we moved to Prince Edward County (PEC).  Being Autumn, we joined the community in an annual event titled Pumpkinfest.  We enjoyed the event last year so much we thought it would be just as good if not better this year.  As it turns out, this years weather was perfect!  After an early morning breakfast at the Town Hall.  We enjoyed pancakes cider, apple sauce and sausages and then walked around and visited the different concessions until the parade.  All local fare was donated and it was prepared and served by cheery volunteers.  We were also entertained by local musicians.

With a small town population of 1700, you quickly realize that streets were lined with people who admire this small towns ambiance and way of life.

At the pancake breakfast you had a choice of a 'small or large' helping.  I enjoyed a large and part of small with local maple syrup.  :)

The heaviest pumpkin tipped the scale over 1100 lbs or 498kg for my friends who love the metric system.…

Blue Spots

It is both odd and interesting what you can discover when you least expect it. That was the situation I found myself in recently. As I was shovelling Hillier Clay Loam (soil is thin and composed mostly of a mix of limestone and shale gravel = back-breaking work)  my eye caught the movement of some strange looking creature.

Picking it up I thought to myself, this must be a Salamander or something closely related to it. After a little research, I was able to confirm it being a Blue-spotted Salamander.

Please note that the video and photo's are courtesy of my better-half, Linda Quinn.

I can't help but wonder what other surprises lay ahead.

Children's Book

A little bit of a departure from the regular fare, then again you should be use to my unpredictable nature... right? Ha! Not really, but here goes!

My beautiful and talented cousin Jennifer has released her first children's book.  So (here comes the plug) buy the book!  A wonderful and affordable gift for that special someone. :-)

A wonderful new book has hit the market and it's the first in a series of illustrated children's books for 
ages 6-14.  Although adults who have been known to rediscover their inner child will like it too!

Jim is a calm, patient biologist and Jen is a humorous city slicker eager to learn.  Join them both on this hilarious adventure of elephant rides and mongoose meetings, snake scares and baboon bashes, with special times shared with a local tribe. 

Though the story is fictional, the facts about the animals and geography are real.  

The ISBN number is : 978-1-4525-5314-6(sc)978-1-4525-5313-9(e)

The book is available online at:
Chapters & Indigo

Leaves for Leontien

Lots of love and positive thoughts surround you!
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This blog post is in support of  Leontien, who is battling cancer.

Looking Back

Looking back and admiring our past. Our ancestors who settled the land worked hard. It was certainly a way of life that many of us would struggle with. Imagine, no electricity, plumbing, grocery stores or any other conveniences.

The next time you find yourself looking at a barn, try to imagine what it took to clear the land and build the first barn.  Additions to the original barn are quite common.
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