The Frog and the Prince

What fair maiden will kiss me so that I may return to being the Prince I am?




Prince Charles


Zosia said…
I'll stick to the frog. Thank you. :-)
Linda said…
Great shots of that frog...very interesting markings! Think I would choose the frog too...
EG CameraGirl said…
Definitely a prince of a frog. :)
that is hilarious!! i wish him well with the ladies. ha. ha!! (:
Betsy Brock said…
oh, who could resist his shimmery copper spots? :)
Great shots. He looks like me before I had my first kiss. :-)
Great pictures of frogs ... but Prince Charles just never did 'turn' me on.
Stephen Hayes said…
Beautiful frog. Poor Prince Charles. He's so stodgy, and he'll be so old when he becomes king that no one will care. And he really isn't such a bad guy.

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