Nature's Candid Camera

Since moving to the County (1 year ago this Sept 30) we've done a number of projects on our 12 acre property. One of the bigger projects was to carve some trails through our wooded mini nature preserve. Our goal was simple, build and improve upon what is already here so that birds and local wild life will consider our property a safe zone.

Feeders are up (suet, peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, safflower, Finch feed, a few bird houses (intend on adding many more) bird baths (one heated for winter), one bat box, salt licks, deer apples, barley & molasses with corn mixed in for the deer and a few freeloaders (raccoon and rabbit).

We also have white-tailed deer and coyote and a wolf/coyote hybrid.

We currently have one trail cam, but we hope to add one or two more units. We also would like to construct an elevated observation platform this autumn or sometime next spring.  This will  provide unobstructed views of the marsh on our property.

Here are some images taken with our trail cam. Note the date and time stamp, plus the temperature when the photo was taken.

Grounds keeper and jack of many trades or tirades as one person commented ;-)

Miss Joy - Our neighbour's dog.

First of two White-tailled Deer

Deer investigating the Trail Camera!

The second deer showing up 2 hours or so later.

Pay attention to the left side of the image and note the hind-quarter of a coyote.

Our trail camera is a Bushnell Trophy 8 megapixel Trail Cam.  The triggering mechanism is set-off by motion.


TexWisGirl said…
i read that as 'jack of many tirades'. :)

i like your neighbor pup!
Hilary said…
Fun idea.. and such lovely critter you make welcome. I loved Tex's misread. ;)
Sharon M said…
I would love to put a camera in my yard to see just what goes on there. I have a feeling I miss a lot.
Tammy said…
Your property sounds incredible and like a wonderful place for wildlife to visit! The trail cam is a great the capture of the curious deer. She must have felt like the paparazzi was watching:)
Crafty Gardener said…
It sounds like you have a wonderful property. I'm sure you will be seeing lots of great things with your trail cam.
Danielle said…
This is great....better than watching prime time tv.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic! I got this new blog bookmarked =)
Lisa Gordon said…
Wow, this is really neat Daniel, and it looks like you live in a wonderful place.
Have a great weekend!
Buttons said…
Oh I would love a bush cam. Congrats on your one year of heavenly views:) B
Val said…
Great captures Daniel. I have been toying with the trail cam have inspired me!!
Linda said…
Wonderful shots from your trail cam! I am so jealous...
Stephen Hayes said…
This is great. You are a wonderful steward of this land.
Bob Bushell said…
Love the camera, think of things that would be on yours. Maybe a Wolf, didn't you see them there?
Business Cents said…
You have a lot to be proud of my friend! When I initially read about the tirade comment, my first thought was that it was your wife's comment. I see that that was incorrect. You are doing a lot to maximize the enjoyment of your new place for both you and the animals in your area.
Liz said…
Great post! What an interesting idea!!

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