In the Big Drink

Here are some dive photos I've taken in tropical locations.

P1130121 copy
Yellow-spotted Ray

Reed Squid

Blue Tang

Honeycomb Boxfish

026 - 20071226
Felipe Xicotencatl shipwreck lies off the shores of Cozumel, Mexico

When diving around a shipwreck, you'll  typically experience higher current speeds. 

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ZielonaMila said…
Wonderful photographs, I like to admire such views. I am greeting
Linda said…
I love looking at your dive photos - glad it was you down there and not me! I would have been terrified! I am NOT comfortable in the water... was that cuttlefish in that 2nd photo?
Lisa Gordon said…
These are fantastic Daniel, and what fun it must have been to capture these.
Buttons said…
Wow these are incredible I can only imagine how cool it is to experience first hand. B
Stephen Hayes said…
You make our planet look so magical.
Gillian Olson said…
Great pictures, that ray is really neat.
You underwater photos are fantastic. I would love to experience that but I am a big chicken.
Really amazing photos. wow. I could never do this. I loved your view.
Betsy Brock said…
I've been to Cozumel. Lovely place! I snorkeled...haha...not anything that deep!

I love that squid looks 3D! :)
Liz said…
Wow!! Amazing shots. I've always wanted to dive and see sights like this (but I'm asthmatic).
Thank you for sharing.
Pearl said…
Oh, wow. :-) Stuff I'll probably never see, live. Love it!

Greetings from Minneapolis,

Oh my gosh.. what great photos you got.
I think your dive photos brought me to your beautiful blog in the first place. One unarticulated goal floating in the fuzzy background of my thoughts for a long time (of learning to dive to that I can take photos underwater) will not be realized, I fear, but I take pleasure in seeing these.

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