Harwood Estate Vineyards


On Sunday afternoon, Linda and I dropped by Harwood Estate Vineyards to sample a few of their wines.  

After finding our choice wine (Pinot Noir 2009), we sat on their sheltered patio enjoying the House Reserve while gazing over the vineyard.

A gentle breeze was coming off the lake and keeping us comfortable.

The sporadic sounds from electronic repellers and scare cannons are common deterrents employed to keep the birds off their vines along with netting and flying hawk decoys.



Stephen Hayes said…
It sounds like a blissful way to spend an afternoon. Glad you had an enjoyable holiday.
Anonymous said…
Love those wine tastings! We used to go to Sonoma, CA and visit one winery after the next. Wine country is beautiful!
Linda said…
Beautiful afternoon! My favorite thing to do - wineries are lovely places to visit, enjoy the scenery and sample the wines!
Buttons said…
Oh this does look relaxing and beautiful I am sure I would not enjoy the bird scaring thingys:) B
Betsy Brock said…
Well, that sounds like a very fun time...and you had gorgeous weather that day, too!
Lisa Gordon said…
Sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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