Rural Itch

I realize this may seem a tad early, but I have had enough of this relentless heat... thank you very much.  I can't wait for Autumn weather.

I don't for one second enjoy woolens against my sensitive skin.  It is just too darn itchy.  Some wool blends are tolerable.  With colder temps (thank goodness) around the corner, who out there enjoys their woollies?
Does anyone spin their own?





Stephen Hayes said…
That alpaca is one strange looking creature. Great photo of it.
Linda said…
I do NOT look forward to having to wear lots of clothing to keep warm! And I have never been a fan of wool against my skin...I can barely tolerate sweaters! Love that photo of the alpaca - they have such sweet faces!
Zosia said…
The cutest lama ever! :-)
Buttons said…
Oh I love Alpaca's they are adorable.
I love fall weather too but I guess it will be a little sad to see the summer go. Love the bagpipes I can almost hear it now.
I think wool is very scratchy but I live in my Merino wool socks straight through the winter and fall.
Great shots Daniel. B
Karen said…
Yes, I'm pretty much done with the humidity we've had this summer.. looking forward to cooler autumn days.

Another series of wonderful photos you have here...

TexWisGirl said…
nope. allergic to wool. gotta do synthetics.
Michelle said…
I don't spin my own. But, I do find the raising of sheep an intriguing idea! I just love the alpaca.
Beth said…
After this miserably hot summer I am longing for Autumn. The photos are wonderful.
Lisa Gordon said…
It has indeed been a hot summer, but I am not sure I am looking forward to fall. I love the colors and the weather, but I also know that it means a very long winter is coming. :-(

Fantastic photographs, and I am with you on the wool! I don't like the feel of it at all.
Hilary said…
I'll take any of the summer heat you don't want. Just pile it on here and you can have my -40 days this winter. ;)

The alpaca has such a cute face!
They really are interesting animals.
Love the photos.
Juliana said…
that alpaca' portrait is awesome!!!
so cute and funny!!!

xoxo, Juliana

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