Government and People


Fitting isn't it, Yoga on Parliament Hill! 

I wonder if any federal parliamentarians take part. I'm pretty certain they would benefit from this healthy exercise. But I didn't recognize anyone I knew.

Perhaps this energetic group wanted to set an example for those that sit in the big house all day and seemingly get very little done day-to-day.  
  1. Infuse a breath of fresh air
  2. Demonstrate that things can be accomplished in a single day.
  3. People will follow a strong capable leader.
  4. Accomplish tangible results without a lot of needless bickering.
  5. Big groups with different needs working towards positive outcomes. 
I believe that everyone should have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, free access to health care and education.


Stephen Hayes said…
This picture really stands out in the context of your other pictures because of the focus on people rather than buildings or animals.
EG CameraGirl said…
Parliament and yoga? Great idea. I enjoyed this post and share your point of view. :)
Buttons said…
"Food in their bellies, free access to healthcare and education" Yes that is what it should be all about. Love the political "dig" on this post:) B

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