Friday, December 19, 2014

Days End


Come watch with me the shaft of fire that glows
In yonder West: the fair, frail palaces,
The fading Alps and archipelagos
And great cloud-continents of sunset-seas.  
--Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Sometimes the gods have no taste at all. They allow sunrises and sunsets in ridiculous pink and blue hues that any professional artist would dismiss as the work of some enthusiastic amateur who'd never looked at a real sunset. This was one of those sunrises. It was the kind of sunrise a man looks at and says, 'No real sunrise could paint the sky Surgical Appliance Pink.'
Nevertheless, it was beautiful.

Peace... is seeing a sunset, and knowing who to thank. 

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Up Up and Away


Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars


Last minute briefing... now they know how to fly the jet plane.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cruising the Southern Caribbean

On a recent vacation, Linda and I were on cruise to the Southern Caribbean.  Our goal was to simply relax.  Here are a selection of shots.  I hope you enjoy them.

Port of Departure (Miami)
There were several ships in the Port of Miami.

Outdoor Pool
An indoor pool is also available.  There are a few levels to sun/shade one's self.  Outdoor bars, food, pool butlers, servers... falalalala lala  la la.

Our ship docked in port

One of the many levels to sun/shade etc.

There's a plethora of dining options to consider.  I didn't bother including images of the buffet, however, the food is just as good as any of the other dining options available... in my opinion.

DOL-A-2694  DOL-A-2716

DOL-A-2721   DOL-A-2723


There are several lounges throughout the ship where you can escape and not feel the least bit cramped. Trust me, I'm not fond of crowds and I was always able to find space.  If you wanted to be kept busy, there is a daily schedule of things to do on the ship.


The Café al Bacio was one place we frequented regularly.  It was right up our alley... relaxed and quiet.  I enjoyed double-espressos and a selection of delicious and waist expanding pastries.

Top side, Celebrity has a real lawn to enjoy.  There are lawn games, wine tasting, and glass blowing shows... and it's a cool place to just hang out.


Linda and I chose to do our own sightseeing.  

Least Sandpiper and a curious crab
Magnificent Frigatebird (female)

DOL-A-2872  DOL-A-2884

Street art found in WillemstadCuracao and a view of their iconic pastel coloured buildings.


Onboard the ship we enjoyed a tour of the bridge.  What was of particular interest is how the bridge extends beyond the ships width.  These extensions provide a birds eye view when docking and naturally a series of controls to maneuver the ship.

Gauges mounted on the ceiling


Each day was as busy as you wanted it to be.  The best part of cruising is choice.  You unpack once and the rest of the time is yours to do as you please.


Hope you enjoyed the cruise.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Fascinating birds to observe.  These birds accompanied us on sea days, during our cruise.

Masked Booby


Bombs Away

Fly by


These are not typical birds in my part of the world.